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Tax Preparation

There are lots of reasons why individuals and businesses should consider hiring a professional accountant to prepare their taxes each year. Many benefits could be coming your way, meaning more money in your pocket. Any tax problems or hassles from the IRS can also be avoided when you have a professional accountant working for you. Tax rates change each year, which is another reason it is important to have someone you can turn to during tax season. Franklin P. Sparkman handles tax preparations for both individuals and businesses.

Business Tax Preparation

Navigating through all the details involved with tax preparation can be a difficult task for any business owner. Ease your tax burden with the help of a professional throughout the year. Franklin P. Sparkman can help businesses minimize their tax liability while also deferring expenses and income that could enable business to pay less in taxes. A reduction in annual income taxes is also a positive for any business as Franklin P. Sparkman continues to assist the following businesses:

  • Small businesses

  • Corporations

  • All types of LLCs

  • Non-profit organizations


Individual Tax Preparation

When most people think of tax preparation, what comes to mind is filing a 1040 before the middle of April. However, there is much more to it than that. There is no reason every individual should not have their own tax strategy customized to fit their specific needs. A reduction in taxes can benefit individuals with retirement income, gifts received, estates and more. Franklin P. Sparkman specializes in maximizing tax deductions for individuals and their families.


Tax Preparation Benefits

Properly preparing your taxes requires a sound knowledge of the overall process. Franklin P. Sparkman can make sure that tax season is always an efficient one by offering an immensity of expertise to his clients. Clients can be helped in the following areas:

  • Electronic filing– This method enables clients to get refunds back quicker without having to worry about any kind of extensive waiting period.

  • Estate Tax Returns– There are very precise circumstances that come with this type of return and it is advisable to seek out an expert for assistance.

  • Gift Tax Returns– There are only certain deductions allowable when it comes to gifts or charitable donations.

  • Tax Identification Number Application– Businesses need to go through a detailed process in order to obtain a tax identification number.

Deferred Income– The future can be much more prosperous when expenses are deferred as financial planning becomes much easier.